Cloud computing has been around for almost 20 years or so however, not all businesses use it. According to study by the International Data group, about roughly 70% of business use cloud technology in one capacity or another.

Cloud computing has gained popularity over the last few years and this is directly tied to the amount of data used due to transition to digital world. The volume of data use has increased so much that organizations or even individuals find it difficult to keep up with. This became a major problem for organizations that truly want to maximize their potential…

In our dynamic and ever-changing world of technology, data is like the lead artist. It sings beautiful songs, tell vivid stories and paint detail pictures based on factual truth embedded in numbers. Like the old saying goes “Men lie, Women lie but numbers don’t lie”. In other words, numbers don’t change like the weather, 1 is always 1 and has been since the beginning of time. …

What is central limit theorem?

The central limit theorem states that the sampling distribution of the mean of any independent or random variable will be normal or almost nearly normal if the sample size is large enough.

The next question one will ask is, how much sample is large enough?

The answer to this question will depend on basically two important factors.

1. The acceptable requirement for accuracy. …

Forecasting has always been a challenging task. Trying to predict what the future will look like is hard however, it is very important for businesses to have an idea about what to expect. Knowing what to expect makes decision making a lot easier and creates sought of comfort and a sense of confidence.

In trying to help with this difficult task, a core of Data Science team at Facebook created Prophet, a forecasting library for Python and R and made it open source in 2017.

Prophet has now become a tool used by data science experts and non-experts to make…

What is a random forest model?

Random forest is simply a bundle of decision trees and it makes sense why it called random forest. Literally a forest is a collection of multiple trees to make a forest. For us to have a true understanding of a random forest, we will need to understand the concept of decision trees.

Take a look at the diagram below, let say the blue and green dots in the diagram are represent trees in a forest. …

Data Visualization Using Matplotlib

The amount of data generated today is mind blowing. Data come in different types however, we will need to present them in a way that a non-technical audience can make meaning out of it and make decisions based on the data that is presented to them.

A great way to capture, analyze and communicate data is through the use of Python. Now, what is Python?

Python is one of the powerful tools used in the data science ecosystem. …

Data Science: Decision Tree in machine learning.

What is a Decision tree?

Generally, we can define decision tree as a decision supporting tool that uses a tree-like model of decisions with regards to the possibility of consequences, including resource cost, utility and outcomes. It is one of the many ways to visualize algorithm that are based on conditions and statements.

Machine Learning with Decision tree?

When dealing with machine learning, we view decision tree as not just a weak learner but also uses a non-parametric supervised learning method which is used for both classification and regression task or analysis. …

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